Conor McGregor, "Khabib's Manager Was Pulled From a Flight on 9/11, Caught with Five Passports"

MMA Soldier was front and center for the UFC 229 Pre-Fight Press Conference when Conor McGregor strolled in fashionably late, as he normally does; twenty-five and half minutes to be exact. Not surprisingly, he immediately took to the mic and began firing up the crowd with his signature brand of trash talk.

But the mood took a turn into dark territory when a member of the MMA Media asked him to address comments that Khabib Nurmagomedov made about the Irish language and McGregor’s family a day prior.

“His manager is fuckin’ snitch terrorist rat!” Conor McGregor exclaimed before elaborating further with some very serious allegations.

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 9.15.21 AM.png

“I could go into heavy detail - and I will,” said McGregor. “He (Ali Abdelaziz) was pulled off of a flight going from Cairo Egypt to New York City on September 11th 2001. He was caught with five passports in his possession. He turned informant and turned on the people he was working with. I don’t even know how that man is in this fuckin’ country.”

While the claims of Ali Abdelaziz being pulled from a September 11th flight with multiple passports has not been confirmed by MMA Soldier, the book Enemies Within speaks in great detail to Conor’s assertion that Abdelaziz was a government informant.

According to the authors, Matt Apuzzo and Adam Goldman, Ali Abdelaziz was indeed an undercover informant for the FBI before they terminated their relationship with him after he was suspected of working as a double agent. Also, the book states that the U.S. government attempted to deport Abdelaziz but were unsuccessful. Additionally, evidence of a checkered past are revealed in the book when the authors mention that Ali was jailed in 2002 for document forgery. A request by MMASoldier.Net for a comment from Ali Abdelaziz has not been returned as of this writing.