Enlcosed: UFC 229 Contracts for Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor

Last week, MMA Soldier visited the Nevada State Athletic Commission to obtain answers about the $2 Million being withheld from the UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov following his post-fight brawl with members of Conor McGregor’s team.

While the request for information proved to be fruitless, the NSAC did comply with a request for their official contracts. Read the OFFICIAL bout agreements for the UFC 229 Main Event competitors below.

In reviewing the fine print, Section 8 refers to Breaches of this Agreement. Among other things, it basically states that if the athlete did not enter the agreement in good faith, or colluded with anyone to fix the outcome, they have breached the contract. That’s easy enough.

The 4th bullet in that paragraph is where it becomes problematic. It states that ANY violation of NRS/NAC Chapter 467 is considered a breach and this is where the contract and the regulations go down a rabbit hole of bureaucratic legalese that essentially gives NSAC total control with no checks and balances.

Read it and see for yourself: https://www.leg.state.nv.us/NAC/NAC-467.html#NAC467Sec142

NAC 467.147  Withholding payment of purse pending disciplinary action against unarmed combatant; duties of promoter. (NRS 467.030467.135)

     1.  At any time before the award of a purse to an unarmed combatant, a Commissioner or a person designated by the Commission may specify any amount which must be retained from the purse of the unarmed combatant and transferred from the promoter to the Commission. The money transferred to the Commission will not be given to the unarmed combatant until the Commission determines that no penalty will be prescribed pursuant to NRS 467.158 for any action or condition of the unarmed combatant. Any amount so specified is not a limitation upon the amount of a penalty which may be prescribed pursuant to NRS 467.158.

     2.  If the Commission orders any amount of the purse of the unarmed combatant to be transferred from the promoter to the Commission pursuant to subsection 1, the promoter shall transfer the money to the Commission by use of a cashier’s check made payable to the Commission, unless the Commission approves another method for the transfer of the money.

Lastly, in reading Section 9 of the bout agreement, there is a clause that states if the Comission determines there is a breach that “the parties hereby waive any right to a claim or a hearing on this matter.”

Both fighters have initialed below line 9, agreeing to comply with the above statement.

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